Sunday, 20 January 2008

Sing Sing Sing why doesn't that laptop work

I went to church as usual this morning , content with the thought that my jolly christian musical support
would have everything ready. No arranging work for me this week.
Well we got to the first song and the dvd wouldn't load . No music , O well , I had to lead the music
acappella . At least in the second half after the offering the machine decided to work.
It was hard work for me and a blessing for those listening. I'll get my blessing later.
Yes its only a small congregation and its easier using technology, well most of the time.
It was an all praise and worship meeting with communion at the end. Very uplifting.
I got home and heard the other little musicians in the backyard singing around us.
Our strident colony of cicadas , I'm up before them most mornings ,but sometimes I walk outside its almost deafening.
They're an amazing insect and very large, living underground most of their life.
This picture is of a skin casing I drew and painted. I like the bulbous eyes.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Apparently a mexican native

A quiet Saturday

It has been quiet here and the reason , I'm missing Ditz and Ganieda's presence .
No running after the cat , no hitting of the piano keys, Me trying to keep time with bongos.
His Lordship ( the cat) at the patio door curtain waiting in vain.
No interesting conversation, that's hard but it won't last.

I can actually hear the friar birds feeding, taking nectar from the grevillea ( hybrid orange marmalade ).
The figs are ripening and I'm running down in the morning to collect a couple to take to work for morning tea now.

I've managed to sew a little this week and placed bright red bias binding on the edges of my almost finished
pink polka dot top. I love polka dots so I might search for more dotted fabric next shop day.

Another gardener at church has aerial layered a petrea volubilis for me , to produce another one to grow
on the front trellis, after I admired his, growing in his front garden.
They are a mexican native I think and their flowers are beautiful and interesting, when they fall they move
like minature helicopters.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

The pestilence is an ongoing fight

The saw fly larvae are still there after last week ,attacking my tree and today I stood and contemplated whether in this dreadful weather (high winds and heavy rain ) I should get up on the ladder and do a thorough job of their removal. If I don't I'll have to wait another six months for a good crop. I'd been suggesting to others at work they may get a feed so up it I go.I've never been keen on heights but I'm keen on eating.

This weather is a good excuse to sew and not mow. I admit and my sewing friend would acknowledge that
I am the slowest sewer we know. Not that we know many , sewers are rarer creatures now than in the past.
I'd rather draft it than sew, but when I begin to see the garment come together I gain enough discipline and encouragement to keep going.