Sunday, 2 June 2013

Let's get treadling

I made my sister , who is wheelchair bound, two dresses from instructions from Rhonda's Creative Life blog
its called the rectangle dress.
It's hard for kamblings  to get access to dress shops and she urgently needed some new dresses.
I searched looking for a pattern that was quick and easy as I'm a slow sewer and I don't have much time
to give to drafting a pattern and sewing it quickly.So I thought lets try it with only two pieces of fabric to sew and just a large rectangle to draft.
 I bought a couple of easy cotton knits for her comfort and  there would  also there would be little need for overlocking or turning of hems.She likes them and I'll keep making them .
Thanks Rhonda. 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Making bias pants

draping around the pants pattern
I was intrigued about the how to make bias pants in the latest threads no 166
and I had a few days spare to try.
I like to form in my mind how a project will work but in this one I went completely blind.
the pouch
Almost Finished
I didn't get it quite right.
I got lost after step 2 . I got to the canoe and I got confused about the instructions I sewed the y seams how I thought it should go .
How should I sew C the bias seam ?
I looked at step 5 and I thought I sewed it correctly and I cut the tubes but it didn't seem to me
to be long enough so I ripped the c bias seam apart . When I did that I recognised the shape
as a bias tube when you make your own bias binding.
I then decided to wrap the bias tube around the halved paper pattern as that should be the shape I'm looking for.. and I did with both.
This means I sewed them along the bias seams not easy.
As a result of sewing them this way I found the seams go the same way not as intended in the article.So it looks odd but as its patterned fabric not so bad.
I think I should have stretched the bias seams first before I sewed them , but this was an experiment.
Placing the crotch was interesting , I measured for my crotch and my seat rise and its difficult as really you can put it anywhere as its a tube and placing one leg inside the other I felt I was just guessing for placement so the seams are weird on the pants I made
They fit very well and are very comfortable but not strong . Good for around the house I'll have to make another.
The different colours of the pictures is the difference between a good camera and my mobile phone.
The real colour is the purple 
I haven't finished the hems yet they're just overlocked.
I've started looking at old copies of threads for bias tubes.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My venus fly trap and company are doing well

The venus fly trap I posted about in sept is doing well , When the weather this summer began
to rise over 28 degress celsius , it began to die back and lost it's gloss.
I realised I would have to  test and see if giving it cooler conditions at night would be the solution,
so I began to zip up the pot in a zip lock bag and placed it in the crisper at night taking it outside
in the morning .The crisper is at 6 degrees celsius and outside climbs to 32 degress celsius .
In a couple of days  the colour improved and now after a couple of months doing this new traps are growing now but smaller and its clumping which is a great sign..
I'm now confident I can grow them here so I've bought some more and they
are thriving . They all go in their zip lock bags at night. I'll have to get a bar fridge.
I make sure the zip lock bags are clean on the outside and tightly zipped for hygiene and I don't
store directly next to food.