Thursday, 27 December 2012

Update on the health and condition of my cephalotus , they are doing very well
This is the longest I have ever kept any cephalotus follicularis .
This time they are growing in a self watering pot and I've placed a small layer of gravel
under the sphaghum moss to keep them dryer.
I noticed one wasn't happy though and it was the one closest to the irrigation so I 've moved it.
away and made sure the pot isn't as full and its getting a bit more sun and now it's pitchering again.

Only a month ago I had delicate yellow flowers and a very green aquatic bladderwort , I think its utricularia gibba, then I noticed little red segmented worms living in tunnels had made the birdbath home.
 ( what had they used for the tunnels).
From reading on the internet I think its some sort of fly offspring .
I suddenly noticed a couple of days ago mosquito larvae in the birdbath , where there'd been none.
The bladderwort had no bladders.. I immediately cleaned the birdbath. I presume the worms had made
the tunnels from chewing the bladders from the bladderwort. I now check it far more often, I have to,
especially as it will be a while before more bladders have grown back.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

More nepenthes photos, these I bought from

size 26 cm long 5 cm wide

very ampullaria like this one not as fussy about humidity and heat though

beautiful colour

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Another nepenthes picture

I can't find taxonomic info on this plant  . It's just called compacta on the label
There's nothing about it on the carnivorous plant search engine.
I'd like to know its parenting but it's a nepenthes and its beautiful.
I particularly love the stripes on its peristome.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

My venus fly trap is still alive

Here in the south east of Queensland I've always had trouble growing venus fly traps
I saw another dying fly trap at a local nursery and bought it ,hoping that I could grow for a little
It was very small maybe 3 cm across and I didn't give it much hope to live but I read
at the pitcher plantation that he had had the same problem and now living in canberra he could
grow them to much longer and larger sizes.
So I thought well it needed colder conditions, so in June I placed it in the fridge wrapped up in
cling wrap and placed inside a clear plastic container.
Every day I could see the one green trap still glossy through the container and I labeled it
don't plant till sept.
Its 7 degrees celsius in the fridge and that trap never died.
When I took it out 3 weeks ago it was still alive and looked healthy.  I've planted it
and today it has it's first trap ready to spring.
.Still very small, but has soon as it has it's first feed I'm sure it will spurt on , as it's growing well

Sunday, 5 August 2012

pictures of my cepholatus and nepenthes

These are a few of my carnivorous plant collection .
the nepenthes are from exotica plants and the cephalotus are from triffid park
I must thank the blogger at the pitcher plantation because after I read his
instructions on cultivating cephalotus and applied them I took heart about.
growing them again and here is the result so far so good.
I fell in love with these plants after I got a job working for my local council and
when I was given the job of repotting and caring for them , I was astounded by the
size and variety of nepenthes..I still remember the huge nepenthes bicalarata reaching for the ceiling
of the glasshouse. It's been a long time now and the nursery is gone. great memory.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Finally I back to blogging ,  I 've started kayaking in moreton bay
It's a real learning experience. I'm finding it's crucial to know in which direction
the tide,currents and wind are going, as well as what time I should go.
Twice I tried to paddle against the current and had to find a different direction.
I'm learning to study what's around me.
It's so beautiful and the bird life , some I've never seen.