Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A Cleaning Remedy from 1931

I haven't blogged for ages , but I should share this .My favourite plaid skirt was stained by my liking far too much
butter on my dinner plate . Straight down the front on it ( I should wear a large bib) .
I washed it twice with laundry soap, no good .It looked like I wasn't wearing it in a hurry again.
I was looking at the site in the 1931 laundry and cleaning section
and under dry cleaning it spoke about getting oil stains off with various dry cleaning methods, one of them using
acetone otherwise known as nail polish remover.
O me of little faith , I didn't expect it to work but I used a tissue and sponged the stain in it and left it overnight
then washed it in sard wonder soap and it removed it completely.