Thursday, 20 September 2012

My venus fly trap is still alive

Here in the south east of Queensland I've always had trouble growing venus fly traps
I saw another dying fly trap at a local nursery and bought it ,hoping that I could grow for a little
It was very small maybe 3 cm across and I didn't give it much hope to live but I read
at the pitcher plantation that he had had the same problem and now living in canberra he could
grow them to much longer and larger sizes.
So I thought well it needed colder conditions, so in June I placed it in the fridge wrapped up in
cling wrap and placed inside a clear plastic container.
Every day I could see the one green trap still glossy through the container and I labeled it
don't plant till sept.
Its 7 degrees celsius in the fridge and that trap never died.
When I took it out 3 weeks ago it was still alive and looked healthy.  I've planted it
and today it has it's first trap ready to spring.
.Still very small, but has soon as it has it's first feed I'm sure it will spurt on , as it's growing well