Friday, 28 December 2007

figs delicious figs well I'm hopeing and praying

I haven't been checking my fig tree to see if the usual little ugly black pests are getting out of hand.
In the heat ,and summer being the time for figs and the free loaders , I was dismayed at how many figs
are ruined and its leaves being skeletonised by caterpillars.
I didn't have a commercial spray on hand , I usually pick them off by hand (too many) this time.
Something had to be done today and there is a small pyrethum daisy near by so I pulverised some leaves added water,and strained them, added a little detergent and let the marauders have it.
The bugs didn't look too well after checking a couple of hours later. I hope its effective . I'll find out tommorrow.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

albany pitcher plant

I have tried to grow these wonderful plants three times . I have failed three times.
 I've bought two from triffid park recently 
and they are doing well .
Update , the two from triffid died after summer. Now I have one , I am growing it inside , treating it as if it was a highland nepenthes. Into the wine fridge to sleep.
ok so far.