Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My venus fly trap and company are doing well

The venus fly trap I posted about in sept is doing well , When the weather this summer began
to rise over 28 degress celsius , it began to die back and lost it's gloss.
I realised I would have to  test and see if giving it cooler conditions at night would be the solution,
so I began to zip up the pot in a zip lock bag and placed it in the crisper at night taking it outside
in the morning .The crisper is at 6 degrees celsius and outside climbs to 32 degress celsius .
In a couple of days  the colour improved and now after a couple of months doing this new traps are growing now but smaller and its clumping which is a great sign..
I'm now confident I can grow them here so I've bought some more and they
are thriving . They all go in their zip lock bags at night. I'll have to get a bar fridge.
I make sure the zip lock bags are clean on the outside and tightly zipped for hygiene and I don't
store directly next to food.