Thursday, 27 December 2012

Update on the health and condition of my cephalotus , they are doing very well
This is the longest I have ever kept any cephalotus follicularis .
This time they are growing in a self watering pot and I've placed a small layer of gravel
under the sphaghum moss to keep them dryer.
I noticed one wasn't happy though and it was the one closest to the irrigation so I 've moved it.
away and made sure the pot isn't as full and its getting a bit more sun and now it's pitchering again.

Only a month ago I had delicate yellow flowers and a very green aquatic bladderwort , I think its utricularia gibba, then I noticed little red segmented worms living in tunnels had made the birdbath home.
 ( what had they used for the tunnels).
From reading on the internet I think its some sort of fly offspring .
I suddenly noticed a couple of days ago mosquito larvae in the birdbath , where there'd been none.
The bladderwort had no bladders.. I immediately cleaned the birdbath. I presume the worms had made
the tunnels from chewing the bladders from the bladderwort. I now check it far more often, I have to,
especially as it will be a while before more bladders have grown back.